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And now, a word from your Race Director:

"Greetings to all Stumpy's participants.  As some of you probably already realize, there was a busted link in the registration process that took you to Stumpy's - 2013 where you were informed that registration was closed.
You are receiving this e-mail, which means that you are among the most gifted of registrants who were able to overcome that difficulty.  Unfortunately, some...perhaps many of your less resilient trail runners have not been able to register and simply gave up.

Although current registrations are approaching 100, I nevertheless feel bad that my mistake and their shallow gene pool may be preventing folks from participating in this annual frolic.  You can help.

Please forward to your duller friends the news that Stumpy's is still open for registration and that the broken link has been fixed.  Probably.  It was when I tried it.

They can go to TrailDawgs.org (http://www.traildawgs.org/ ) or they can use this link:  http://dottschemistry.wikispaces.com/Stumpys2014 .  Just forward this e-mail.

Thanks for your help.  Stay tuned for Stumpy's updates as I slowly remember how to organize this event.  Time to start training for Stumpy's Marathon!"

2014 Mason-Dixon Longest Day Results

The 2014 Mason-Dixon Longest Day run was held June 21, 2014. This annual trail challenge tackles 100 km of the very rugged Mason-Dixon Trail between Havre de Grace, MD and Long Level, PA. It is set for the longest-daylight Saturday of the year so runners can attempt to finish it between sunrise and sunset.

It was a cool day with some morning showers and drier conditions later in the day. The great summer running conditions produced two new fastest times: Jackie Palmer for the new fastest woman's time, and Jason Lantz for the new fastest unsupported ("Dixon") traverse of the course. There was an amazing total of seven finishers out of eleven starters. An unprecedented six runners who started at sunrise managed to finish by sunset, making The Challenge. 

This year's course was longer than previous years' with the addition of some beautiful new miles (1.5 of them) along the banks of Otter Creek, but about 1/2 mile less in Conowingo.

2014 Finishers

1. Jason Lantz 11:11:00 (Dixon) 
2. Jackie Palmer 12:01:00 (Mason) 
3. James Rayburn 12:35:00 (Dixon) 
4. Kathleen Cusick 12:57:00 (Dixon) 
5. Henry Peck 13:35:00 (Mason) 
6. Ryan Vandenberghe 14:35:00 (Mason) 
7. Gary Bowman 17:18:00 (Mason) 

Brigitte Sheehan 50 miles @ Otter Creek 
Roxanne Strine 50 miles @ Otter Creek 
Jack Wharton 38 miles @ Lock 12 
Steve Bunville 29 miles @ Muddy Creek Bridge 

Trail Dawgs Day July 20th on the Tri-State Trail

Trail Dawgs Day July 20th on the Tri-State Trail

A new trail is under construction to provide year-round access to the Mason-Dixon marker at the corner of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. On Sunday, July 20th, we are organizing a “Trail Dawgs Day”. You are invited to run the trail, help work on it, or for the truly hardy, do both.

Meet at the Parking Lot adjacent to the PA Ranger Station on London Tract Road in time for an 8 AM start. Runners will proceed South on the Mason Dixon Line, follow the right-hand fork at the Delaware border, and turn right onto the unmarked trail just before the Nature Center. This trail is used in the Triple Crown so it will be familiar to many of you. Follow this trail to Arc Corner Road. Turn left on Arc Corner Road (toward Hopkins Road) and follow signs to the Tri-State Marker trailhead.

The new trail is not finished and there is a detour onto the older trail at about 0.5 miles. The old trail is not marked so once you’re on it you will need to keep your eyes open.  At about 1 mile there is a new section of trail which will take you to the Tri-State Marker.  You will meet up with the work party somewhere along the trail where there will be water and Gatorade.  Otherwise, just turn around and go back the way you came. Round trip from the PA Preserve Office is approximately 8 miles.

Please note that this is not a race: there will be no trail markings, timers, or aid stations. Just think of it as regular Sunday workout, albeit on unfamiliar terrain. Note also that the new trail is still under construction and won’t be available for use prior to July 20th.

Those who don’t wish to run can carpool with me from the PA lot to the worksite. The site where we will probably be working is accessed via a farm road across from Carolyn’s restaurant on Rte. 896.  The alternate work site is at the trailhead on Arc Corner Road. For either site, a high clearance vehicle is needed and four wheel drive is advised. Trail work will start at 9 AM and end by noon.

If you expect to work, please contact Wendel Cassel at WendelCsl@aol.com  so he has a head count. Wendel will also explain how to register as a Park volunteer with the State of Pennsylvania. It’s required for activities that involve youth groups such as the Scouts.

Don’t forget to bring water and some protection from insects and the sun. A set of dry clothes is also advisable in the likely event of an after-party at some local eatery.
Hope to see you there.

Feast of St. Roch 2014

The Trail Dawgs Holy Day of Obligation Cometh...

The Feast of St. Roch!

Mark your calendars. Saturday July 12. Fair Hill.

The faithful shall congregate at 9 am at the South Appleton Parking Lot (Parking Lot #5, 1987 Appleton Road). Come assemble in the woods, eat, and run in honor of Our Patron Saint of Dogs, Knee Injuries, and Poison Ivy Rashes. An idol of the saint will be available for veneration.

Totally informal social event. It's not a race. No registration, marked route, or recorded times for the totally optional fun-run. We could call it a club picnic but we're not a club.

Watermelon, shared snacks, and full-immersion baptism included, with a suggested 13 mile tour of the park's color trails: Yellow Eastside -> Green Eastside -> Blue Loop -> Green Northside -> Orange Counter-Clockwise -> Baptismal Station -> Green Westside -> Yellow Westside. If you want to run, print and bring this map + turn sheet.

A few more details at the St Roch FAQ page here.

Triple Crown Results

John has posted the results from the April 26, 2014 running of the Triple Crown Trail Races. Congratulations to all of the finishers!

Full results can be found via the event web page here:

Triple Crown Trail Races Home

We are also pleased to post the names of race and age group winners below.

1 3:53:04 Peter Dobrowolski M Edmonton Alberta, CANADA Male Winner
2 4:02:27 Lewis Grundy M Holzkirchen Bayern, GERMANY Male Master
3 4:03:14 Scott Buttz M Glen Mills PA M 30-39
4 4:08:58 Thomas deHaan M Kingston NY M 50-59
6 4:29:17 Kevin Hennessey M Bel Air MD M 40-49
9 4:40:47 Bradley Siske M Arnold MD M 20-29
10 4:41:12 Carolyn Hadka F Lansdale PA F 30-39
15 4:55:23 Jennifer Thull F Fredericksburg VA F 20-29
20 5:11:51 Jacqueline Laiti F Fairfax VA F Master
23 5:15:22 Tim Gorzynski M Newark DE M 60-69
27 5:22:38 Lisa Gesualdo F Bel Air MD F 40-49
37 5:48:33 Patty Erchul F Buena Vista CO F 50-59

1 1:29:22 Nick Trombley M Canandaigua NY M Winner
2 1:32:49 Daniel Reyes M Newark DE M 20-29
4 1:35:13 Herv DaCosta M Newark DE M Master
5 1:37:11 Seth Bulich M Catskill NY M 10-19
7 1:38:04 Jeff Burger M Bel Air MD M 30-39
10 1:40:46 Josey Rupert F Shickshinny PA F Winner
15 1:46:26 Jeffery Hayes M Philadelphia PA M 50-59
20 1:47:55 Adrienne Borrelli F Wilmington DE F 10-19
21 1:48:38 Allie Silverman F Washington DC F 30-39
24 1:49:19 Randy Wintermantel F Newark DE F 20-29
40 2:00:39 Julie Deery F Bala Cynwyd PA F Master
47 2:03:40 Tom Sedlack M Gales Ferry CT M 60-69
83 2:13:47 Virginia Stizinski F Newark DE F 40-49
113 2:22:17  Betty Lou Douglas F Ridley Park PA F 50-59

10 kilometer
1 0:39:56 Jonathan Cornibe M Philadelphia PA M Winner
2 0:40:18 Aaron Reed M St. Davids PA M 20-29
4 0:40:29 Bob Rimkis M King of Prussia PA M Master
5 0:40:57 Scott Brockett M Bensalem PA M 50-59
10 0:45:58 Jeff Burger M Bel Air MD M 30-39
11 0:46:43 Christopher Moore M Philadelphia PA M 40-49
14 0:47:52 Lisa Jalot F Wilmington DE F Winner
15 0:47:59 Joanna Baird F Timonium MD F 20-29
19 0:48:42 Nathan Galloway M Elkton MD M 10-19
22 0:53:00 Ann O'Brien F Claymont DE F 30-39
29 0:55:31 Julie Secor F Brooklyn NY F Master
31 0:55:58 Kristina Victoreen F Philadelphia PA F 50-59
32 0:56:18 Julie Deery F Bala Cynwyd PA F 40-49
64 1:00:54 Richard Phillips M Landenberg PA M 60-69
81 1:03:56 Joy Oakey F Media PA F 60-69

5 kilometer
1 0:22:03 Radley Reist M Bear DE M Winner
2 0:22:20 David Hughes M Newark DE M Master
3 0:22:23 Jeffery Hayes M Philadelphia PA M 50-59
4 0:22:34 Mike Wilson M Wayne PA M 20-29
5 0:24:47 Jeff Burger M Bel Air MD M 30-39
8 0:26:27 Christopher Moore M Philadelphia PA M 40-49
13 0:29:02 Allie Silverman F Washington DC F Winner
15 0:29:44 Kelly Olanoff F Bear DE F 20-29
19 0:30:27 Cullen Piper M Newark DE M 10-19
22 0:31:54 Julie Deery F Bala Cynwyd PA F Master
23 0:31:57 Mike Sheldon M Downingtown PA M 60-69
32 0:34:02 Virginia Kamenitzer F Asbury Park NJ F 30-39
33 0:34:08 Joshua Kamenitzer M Wilmington DE M U10
62 0:41:48 Kari Gulbrandsen F Newark DE F 50-59
69 0:43:51 Stephanie McClellan F Newark DE F 40-49
85 0:49:42 Bailey McGuckin F Newark DE F 10-19
103 1:00:26 Marijke Castro F Newark DE F 70+
106 1:04:52 Richard Waibel M Newark DE M 70+

The Trail Triple Crown
1 4 Radley Reist M Bear DE M Winner
2 8 Jonathan Corsini M Wilmington DE M 20-29
3 10 Jeff Burger M Bel Air MD M 30-39
4 10 Jeffery Hayes M Philadelphia PA M Master
5 17 Christopher Moore M Philadelphia PA M 40-49
6 23 Andrew Lingbloom M Newark DE
7 26 Allie Silverman F Washington DC F Winner
8 29 Bill Maley M Landenberg PA M 50-59
9 31 Julie Deery F Bala Cynwyd PA F Master
10 31 Michael Kretschmer M Berlin NJ
11 35 Chad Kessler M Newark DE
12 36 Andrew Weber M Newark DE
13 48 Erika Meyers F Alexandria VA F 30-39
14 48 Michael Dee M Wilmington DE
15 48 Chris Henderson M Elkton MD
16 49 Noah Anstraus M Philadelphia PA
17 50 Charles Woerner M Hockessin DE
18 53 Karen Rule F Reading PA
19 63 Gregory Ariff M Newark DE
20 68 Thomas Kamenitzer M Wilmington DE
21 69 Brandon Augustine M Woodbridge VA
22 71 Dwayne Hampton M Arlington VA
23 72 Robert Bell M Bel Air MD M 60-69
24 77 Jamie-Lee Josselyn F Philadelphia PA
25 85 J.R. Wikes M Newark DE
26 87 Glen Wronowski M Collingswood NJ
27 97 William Kintzer M Newark DE
28 110 Michael Sedlack M Elkton MD
29 140 Boonchai Boonyaratanakornkit M Wilmington DE
30 143 Alexander Evers M Wilmington DE
31 145 Brian Gallagher M Arlington VA
32 157 George Szczepanski M Claymont DE
33 158 Wayne Urffer M Moorestown NJ
34 159 Jeff Pike M Newark DE
35 232 April Sherwood F Philadelphia PA
36 233 Molly Carpenter F Rockville MD

Many thanks to the members of Newark's Head of Christiana Presbyterian Church, the University of Delaware Gamma Sigma Sigma sorority, and of course the slobbering Trail Dawgs who volunteered and made the event a success.